“Right Around the Corner” Official Video


The music video for “Right Around the Corner” has just been released, for which Kathy Zimmer’s music, CJ Holm’s choreography, and some Jansen & Holm dancing were woven together. We are delighted to be part of such a beautiful piece of art!

Directed by Adam Barnick, with cinematography by Benjamin Wolf. The Sugar Bowls are Sarah Thomas and Susannah Jones, and featured musicians include Jonathan Gordon, who produced, played electric guitar and bass, Davi Vieira, who played percussion, Gregory Briggler, trombone and Clyde Daley, trumpet.
Kathy Zimmer is playing on July 27th at the LIC Bar, come hear some live music!


Beautiful Sounds

Have you all bought your tickets for our FLICfest show on Saturday?  We’ve been working pretty hard with our flying, our guilt, our grief, our resilience.  And the world we inhabit, the world we’ve been exploring, exists in part through the wonderful soundscore that’s come together for us.  So we wanted to be sure you knew the people who made that possible!

The audio for Rare Birds was created and uploaded by users of freesounds.org, and edited by CJ Holm.
“Rocket roar looping” by plymouthjclifford
“Subway” by manicola
“Metal chimes by department64
“Jingling braids” by department64
“Breeze” by kewldog
“Breeze wind 6” by mario12
“Stonecave with water” by xdimebagx
“NYC subway pass” by rhumphries
“Rockslide” by justkiddink
“Propeller aircraft flyover” by ljudboy

So now you can find all the beautiful sounds we’re dancing to.  You can listen to them on your headphones next week, dreaming of the dance you saw and recreating images in your brain.  But first you have to show up at FLICfest on Saturday, Feb. 1st!! See you there and we will experience birds and hope and extinction and dance and fancy cocktails.