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THANK YOU so much for coming to see Rare Birds last night! The Logan company were thoughtful and inspiring curators, CPR was the most gracious of host spaces, and you, our audience, decided to create art as well. The feedback … Continue reading

Beautiful Sounds

Have you all bought your tickets for our FLICfest show on Saturday?  We’ve been working pretty hard with our flying, our guilt, our grief, our resilience.  And the world we inhabit, the world we’ve been exploring, exists in part through the wonderful soundscore that’s come together for us.  So we wanted to be sure you knew the people who made that possible!

The audio for Rare Birds was created and uploaded by users of, and edited by CJ Holm.
“Rocket roar looping” by plymouthjclifford
“Subway” by manicola
“Metal chimes by department64
“Jingling braids” by department64
“Breeze” by kewldog
“Breeze wind 6” by mario12
“Stonecave with water” by xdimebagx
“NYC subway pass” by rhumphries
“Rockslide” by justkiddink
“Propeller aircraft flyover” by ljudboy

So now you can find all the beautiful sounds we’re dancing to.  You can listen to them on your headphones next week, dreaming of the dance you saw and recreating images in your brain.  But first you have to show up at FLICfest on Saturday, Feb. 1st!! See you there and we will experience birds and hope and extinction and dance and fancy cocktails.

Last minute dancing on Sunday!


You were looking for Sunday dance plans, weren’t you? Of course you were.  How about coming to see us!

At 11:30 AM Jansen & Holm will be performing at Alexandra Beller’s Choreolab. We’ll be showing new material in Rare Birds.  (Which is the piece that we will be showing in its entirety at FLICfest in February!)  The event will also feature baked goods.  I am bringing mint brownies you guys.  INFO!

Then at 9 PM we will be performing during our friend Kathy Zimmer’s album release party at the Slipper Room!  INFO!

See you Sunday!!


Thank you to everyone who came out last night, to the first Jansen & Holm science fair!  You made it a wonderful night for a fundraising gala, and a fun, science-filled, delicious snacks and great company sort of night as well.  With your presence and generosity, you are bringing about our upcoming show Field Notes from Shaky Places.  Rehearsal time, photography, videography, paying our crew, all the myriad expenses of a production have been made easier due to your help.  Congratulations, dance supporters!

A HUGE special thank you goes to Michelle Bialeck, whose talk on microevolution was really fascinating.  (Fish can evolve to attack and hunt pigeons you guys!! It’s happening!!)

And lastly- for those of you who couldn’t make it, or for those of you who want to relive the magic- a little baking soda volcano video….

Come re-live your potato-battery days, while supporting dance!  Jansen & Holm are throwing a Science Fair themed fundraising party on October 15th.  The event will generate vital funds for the production of their show, Field Notes from Shaky Places, on Oct. 26th and 27th, while at the same time being a fantastic way to spend an evening.

Douglas Adams wrote “The thing about evolution is that if it hasn’t turned your brain inside out, you haven’t understood it.” Come accomplish that brain-turning at Michelle Bialeck’s talk on microevolution- while sipping cold brews, eating delicious refreshments, dancing to wonderful music, out-bidding each other for alluring prizes, and hanging out with fascinating people. There might even be a diorama or two.

And if you do want to bring that first grade science project you’ve been keeping all those years- I won’t say no.  Well, maybe if it’s the exploding volcano kind.