About us


Jansen & Holm make dances
that are imaginative,   spacious,
and humane.

Their work roots itself in an experiential understanding of the human condition, and uses image and metaphor to speak to a shared visceral truth.
Their body-centered research includes gesture, spoken word, vocal music, and costume design, as well as pressing against the limits of dance technique.

Jansen & Holm’s seed was planted in 2009, when Krista Jansen and CJ Holm met in Paul Matteson’s dance class. Shortly afterward, they found themselves dancing alongside each other in Cat Scratch Theatre’s 60×60 Festival at Galapagos in Brooklyn, NY. Since then, they have been dancing with and for each other. In 2013, they made it official as Jansen & Holm, presenting their first shared evening of dance, looking forward to a collaborative future together.


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