Jansen & Holm at STUFFED! December 7th!

We’d love if you came to see our show on December 7th.

this is an abstract dance about a dog was created without any discussion of image, metaphor, cultural references, associations, or meaning. CJ and I have decided we were allowed only to demonstrate to each other physically, and to use words such as “left,” “right,” “faster,” “slower,” etc.

In addition, because music so ably conveys feeling, our music has been kept secret from CJ. We have rehearsed while Krista, the choreographer, was wearing headphones.  CJ will hear the music for the first time onstage.

Once we have performed it for the first time for you at Judson, CJ and I will allow ourselves to finally discuss with each other the images and meaning (if any!) that have come up for us.

We invite you to join our discussion by emailing jansenandholm@gmail.com with your impressions of the night- what did it remind you of? What did you feel? Did it mean something to you? We plan on putting this feedback (anonymously, don’t worry) up here on our website, so check there to see if your fellow audience members had a different experience than you did!

And come meet this dance together with us! It will be a completely free night of dinner and dancing.


STUFFED is the low tech/high visibility dance component of Bailout Theater, a performance platform created by Judson Church that responds to the financial crisis by providing an evening of free (this whole thing is free, my dears) food and performance to the public. The evening begins with a home-cooked meal sourced from local restaurants and Judson Church community members. Once the audience has indulged their bellies they can indulge everything else with a succinct selection of tasty dance entertainment.

No cost, no catch, no proselytizing, no processed food.

STUFFED: Dinner and Dance with Bailout Theater
Judson Church – 55 Washington Square South, New York, NY 10012.
December 7th. Doors and dinner at 7pm, show at 8pm.

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